Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge | Spend Your Quality Time

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is located in the Amazon Rainforest in Amazonas, Brazil. Anavilhanas has a wide range of activities and tours. While staying here, you can spend time in nature and learn about the different plants, animals, and plants. Things to Do in Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Wildlife Watching: See and take pictures of animals like monkeys, … Read more

Eje Cafetero – Top-Rated 10 Attractions in the Heart of Colombia’s Culture

eje cafetero

The Eje Cafetero, or Coffee Axis, is a region in Colombia known for its coffee production. The city is in the middle of the country and is comprised of the departments of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, Tolima, and Valle del Cauca. The region is a major contributor to Colombia’s economy and is a popular tourist destination … Read more

Amazon rainforest animals | Amazing, Unique, and Dangerous animals

amazon rainforest animals

Amazon rainforest animals – Explore the diverse wildlife of the Amazon rainforest, home to an abundance of unique and fascinating animals. The Amazon rainforest is home to an estimated 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 reptile species, 427 amphibian species, and around 3,000 fish species, as well as tens of thousands of invertebrates. I … Read more

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Rosarito (15 Fascinating Experiences)


Rosarito is a coastal city located in the Mexican state of Baja, California. According to the census of 2020, the population of Rosarito is around 115,000. It is approximately 20 miles (30 km) south of the U.S.-Mexico border. A popular tourist destination in Baja, California, Rojarito is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and … Read more

Barrio Getsemani Cartagena | Safe Travel With Ultimate Guideline

barrio Getsemani cartagena

Barrio Getsemani Cartagena is a neighborhood of The old city of Cartagena. The distance to the heart of Cartagena’s Old Town is just 10 minutes. As I visited Cartagena’s Walled City, I decided to come here and enjoy this lovely neighborhood because I know it’s another great cultural place.Barrio Getsemani, Colombia, is popular with locals … Read more