Barrio Getsemani Cartagena | Safe Travel With Ultimate Guideline

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Barrio Getsemani Cartagena is a neighborhood of The old city of Cartagena. The distance to the heart of Cartagena’s Old Town is just 10 minutes. As I visited Cartagena’s Walled City, I decided to come here and enjoy this lovely neighborhood because I know it’s another great cultural place.
Barrio Getsemani, Colombia, is popular with locals and tourists. They never disturbed visitors, and it was really an amazing experience for me.

Things To Do in Barrio Getsemani Cartagena

Beautiful Getsemani

things to do in barrio getsemani cartagena

When you are visiting Cartagena, Colombia must stay with the Gestemani. You get a colorful vibe from the street to fantastic nightlife. Enjoy your every step here; its cultural beauty doesn’t disappoint you.

Street Art

Street Art of barrio getsemani cartagena
art of barrio getsemani cartagena

The graffiti scene in Colombia is already famous, but Getsemani is also renowned for this kind of art. Their colorful street represents its history and gives a vibrant look that is enjoyed by tourists so much. It provides the place with a different look. Locals and tourists create this street art, and both are enjoyed it.

Bluny says, ‘The locals were with us and helped us, and it changed the tourism dynamic in Getsemani.”

Plaza de la Trinidad

Plaza de la Trinidad, barrio getsemani cartagena

The Plaza de la Trinidad in Cartagena de Indias is situated in the neighborhood of Getsemani. It is a small urban square with the art of a black bird with a yellow background, an official Cartagena bird.
There are many trees around and cafes. You will sit in the street, drink coffee, and enjoy the beauty of nature.
This square becomes most enjoyable in the evening; tourists attract here for street performances, food sellers, and colorful buildings.

Warriors en La Calle

Warriors en La Calle – a group of dancers who perform on the streets of Gestemani. They escaped from Venezuela of some political violence. If you love to dance, your tour will be enjoyable.

Shopping at Getsemani

shopping at barrio getsemani cartagena

Do you want to go shopping from here? You can go to Baurto Market. Here you will find many items like tropical fruits and vegetables. You have to eat here at least once if you have a taste for seafood. Moreover, visit Plaza de Los Coches to purchase trinkets. Whenever I go, I like to pick up a souvenir from the place I’m visiting.

Nightlife at Barrio Getsemani Cartagena

nightlife of barrio Getsemani cartagena

On the second floor of Media Luna, there is sometimes a great live show from Cartagena. For locals, the concert is pricey, but if you can afford it and want to appreciate it, you must go. Here you will find many people with different cultures.
But from here, you couldn’t find the local vibes. Simply Visit Bazurto Social Club to have a blast there. Sultry moves are performed to various Afro-Latino tunes, including but not limited to salsa, bayenato, bugaloo, folklore, cumbia from Colombia, and Champeta.

Safety of Barrio Getsemani Cartagena

The tourist area of Gestemani is a safe place for tourists. You can come here with your family and kids and not be bothered. There are more street musicians here, which makes the nightlife more fun. But stay in the safe zone. Don’t go to a dark place alone.

Best way to visit Barrio Getsemani Cartagena

These are Tripadvisor’s top Barrio Getsemani activities:

  • Cartagena Gethsemane + Street Art Tour ($64.00)
  • BIKE & BITE food tour (from $50.00)
  • Cartagena Bazurto Market half-day trip (from $125.00).
  • Cartagena Private City Tour ($110.00).
  • Pirate Tales Tour: Cartagena Treasure Conquest (From $10.00)

Best Hotel in Getsemani

  • Capellan de Getsemani
  • Casa Lola Deluxe Gallery
  • Casa San Juan
  • Selina Cartagena
  • Hostals Seven Nights Cartagena
  • Hotel Monterrey
  • Casa El Carretero
  • Boutique Casa Isabel
  • Casa Canabal by Faranda Boutique

Best Places of Food & Drinks

  • Restaurante La Tinaja: Mediterranean, European, Spanish; Special Diets. Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options.
  • Di Silvio Trattoria Getsemani: Pizza and pasta
  • Pizza Carbon: Pizza
  • Demente Bar Tapas: Famous for drinks
  • Caffe Lunatico: Fresh ceviche, small plates, and cocktails.
  • Cafe Del Mural: Coffe and snack
  • Cafe Havana: Hotspot for eating in getsemani; Cafe Havana delivers salsa and mojitos with a live performance.

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