San Felipe Castle Cartagena | You Will Be Surprised To Know About It

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San Felipe Castle Cartagena was always a desirable victory for pirates and people who didn’t like the Spanish Crown. Over the past 480 years, it has amassed a remarkable history. During the colonial period, African slaves worked under the supervision of the Spanish to build the San Felipe Castle in Cartagena.
In 1536, construction on the San Felipe Castle began. It was the crown jewel of the Spanish Empire’s defense system for Cartagena. It served as the pinnacle of Cartagena’s defense system for the Spanish Empire.

Address: Barrio Pie del Cerro, Avenida Antonio de Arévalo. Carrera 17., Cl. 32 #17-85, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Castillo de san felipe history

Castillo de san felipe history

San Felipe de Barajas Castle in Colombia is the largest Spanish colonial fortification on the mainland of South America. It has a long and interesting history.
The Castle of San Felipe de Barajas was first called the Castillo de San Lázaro. By 1536, the fortress’s construction was complete, and between 1639 and 1657, it was expanded.

It was mostly the middle part of the fort at the top of the hill and was only meant to hold 20 men who could operate 4-6 cannons.
In April 1697, Pointis arrived in Cartagena with a fleet of 28 ships, 4,000 men, and more than 500 cannons. The War of Jenkins’s Ear began when Britain went to war with Spain in 1739.
The fortress was attacked during the Battle of Cartagena de Indias in 1741, a crucial battle in the War of Jenkins’ Ear, by British Admiral Edward Vernon. The Spanish admiral Blas de Lezo successfully repelled Vernon’s forces. Antonio de Arévalo added to the fortress’s growth in 1763.

San Felipe Castle Cartagena

During a French assault in 1697, it was destroyed. When the British army attacked Cartagena in 1741, the famous Spanish admiral Blas de Lezo defended San Felipe de Barajas.

During the Spanish American War of Independence, a Spanish force led by Pablo Morillo came to the city in 1815 and attacked the castle again. By the end of the year, Cartagena had fallen, and by May 1816, the Royalists had taken over all of New Grenada. This shows how important Cartagena was as a strategic location for protecting the empire.

The San Felipe Castle remains a permanent reminder of the city’s past. The castle and the Old City of Cartagena were named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1984.

Why was San Felipe Castle de Barajas Hard to Conquer?

It is practically impossible to take a battery without the entire defense system because the batteries and parapets protect one another. The castle’s grand entrance and tunnel maze are impressive. It’s Spain’s strongest military fortress. It is 135 feet above sea level.

Castillo de san felipe tickets

Castillo de san felipe tickets

Every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., people can visit the San Felipe Castle.
For kids: COL$10,500 ($3)
For adults: COL$25,000 ($8)
After paying the ticket fee, you can enjoy your time in this historical place.

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