The Best Places and Activities on Phi Phi Island (Definitely Try for 2nd Place)

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There are six islands collectively known as the Phi Phi Islands (pronounced “Pee-Pee”) in southern Thailand’. Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh are the two main islands, with Phi Phi Don being the only ones inhabited. When the tsunami struck Ko Phi Phi in 2004, it was largely destroyed, but it has since been rebuilt and recovered.

A multicultural tropical paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise water, distinctive limestone rock formations, and a wide variety of marine life. If there were fewer visitors, it would be a perfect place to visit.

There is no denying the islands’ beauty. However, Phi Phi Don is extremely over-developed and has turned into a party hotspot due to its popularity as a tourist trap. The Phi Phi Islands have become very popular with backpackers, but there are also some high-end resorts.

Where is Phi Phi island located?

Six islands make up the Phi Phi Islands, located in southern Thailand. They are located in the Andaman Sea, 40 kilometers southwest of Krabi and 45 kilometers southeast of Phuket. The Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park includes the Phi Phi Islands.

Way to get to Phi Phi Island

The two main modes of transportation to the Phi Phi Islands are by ferry or speedboat from Phuket or Krabi. Ferries to the Phi Phi Islands depart from Phuket in about two hours and from Krabi or Koh Lanta in about 90 minutes. Public ferries are an excellent low-cost option, but to get the best deal, it’s best to purchase tickets in advance.

There are numerous ferry operators in the area that offer regular departures. Check before you go because they can be pretty crowded and have varying standards. To get a good seat, arriving about an hour early is advisable.

Speedboats provide a quicker – and possibly more enjoyable – option. Make a reservation a few days ahead of time to ensure you get a spot. A private speedboat charter is a great choice and works well for bigger groups if you want the most flexibility.

There are several all-inclusive tours available if you want the complete package. These will cover the entirety of your trip, including your transportation from Phuket to Phi Phi. A private Phi Phi Islands tour is a fantastic way to explore this location’s beauty at your own pace.

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To visit the Phi Phi Islands, when?

To visit the phi phi island, when?

An all-year-round vacation spot is Phi Phi. When to go will depend on the weather and your preferences for spending.

The most expensive months are November through April, which is peak season. It follows that visiting between May and October will cost less than doing so.

Weather in the Phi Phi Islands

The monsoon season coincides with the off-peak season; the wettest months are usually May, September, and October. However, the weather is still warm, and there is still a lot of sunshine. Just watch out for sudden, heavy downpours.

The hottest and most humid months are from mid-March to mid-May. It’s best to avoid these months if you dislike the extreme humidity. However, if you enjoy the heat, now is a fantastic time to travel because the weather is so pleasant.

The coldest months are from November to February (but still warm enough for plenty of sunbathing). The weather and temperatures during these months may be the best, but they are also the most expensive to travel.

Nightlife on the Phi Phi Islands

The nightlife in Phi Phi Don is renowned for its large beach parties and varied entertainment. Budgeting should consider that it is one of Thailand’s more expensive party destinations.

Thailand has strong drinks, and Ko Phi Phi is an excellent example. The infamous “2 for 1” alcohol buckets are notorious and potentially hazardous.

As with anywhere, be cautious of the drinks’ strength and pay close attention to your drink. Given Thailand’s strict laws against drug use, there is no question that you should avoid all interactions with illegal substances.

Activities in the Phi Phi Islands

Ko Phi Phi offers a wide variety of activities thanks to its many islands, which can be explored, and its many tourist attractions. The top activities in the Phi Phi Islands are listed below:

Ko Phi Phi Don

ko phi phi don

The entire lodging selection and renowned nightlife can be found on Phi Phi Don, the largest and only inhabited Phi Phi island.

It is a gorgeous island, but it is excruciatingly overdeveloped. It is far from being the untouched paradise you may think it to be, as many tourists visit every day.

Despite the excessive development, it is still a sought-after destination, particularly for young backpackers. The nightlife is vibrant, and the beaches are stunning (to put it mildly).

Just be aware that the smell of sewage will almost always greet you; Koh “Pee Pee” is, therefore, a fitting name!

Viewpoint of Phi Phi Island

Visit the Phi Phi viewpoint for stunning views of the azure waters, lush greenery, and towering cliffs. Being only a 30-minute stroll or 20-minute power walk, it’s not a strenuous climb. At the top, you’ll find a variety of cold drinks and snacks to welcome you.

Take a seat on one of the available rocks or hammocks to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The morning is the ideal time to visit, and the route is marked from the Reggae Bar.

Ko Phi Phi Leh

1.5 km to the south of Phi Phi Don is Phi Phi Leh. It’s a remote island with some breathtaking bays and caverns. Unique snorkeling opportunities allow you to see exotic fish and vibrant coral on this stunning island.

Maya Bay, Sama Bay, Pi Leh Bay, Palong Bay, and Viking Cave are all well-liked tourist destinations. Sama Bay and Pi Leh Bay are great places for swimming and snorkeling. Black-tip reef sharks can be seen in Palong Bay, a popular dive site.

Swifts build nests out of their saliva, and locals gather them from Viking Cave, which is well-known for its bird nests. They are sold for a very high price to make bird’s nest soup. Despite how disgusting it may sound, it’s a Chinese delicacy!

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a stunning bay surrounded on three sides by 100-meter-high cliffs and is a part of Phi Phi Leh. It is a prominent location because it served as the setting for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach.

It has many tiny beaches, and the water is so clean that you can see the underlying reef. Due to this, it is a very well-liked snorkeling location.

There aren’t many supplies in Maya Bay, so it’s best to bring your own. There is a small stall selling drinks and snacks and a few restrooms, but if you can, stay away from these.

As lovely as Maya Bay is or was, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, the view is somewhat spoiled by the large number of speedboats transporting tourists to the bay due to its popularity.

Due to tourist-caused damage, Maya Bay was shut down in June 2018 due to extreme overcrowding. It has since reopened after another tourist break brought on by the pandemic.

Bamboo Island

Five kilometers northeast of Koh Phi Phi Don is the island of Koh Pai, also referred to as Bamboo Island. It is the pinnacle of tropical paradise and a little quieter than Phi Phi Don and Maya Bay’s bustle. Many Phi Phi Island tours stop here for lunch because it’s a popular location.

The island is shaped like a heart, with a strip of white sand beach surrounding a region of lush green vegetation. The island got its endearing name from the bamboo trees that adorn it.

You can find the most transparent waters imaginable at Bamboo Island.

Provisions are scarce, as they are on many smaller islands, but a tiny stall offers drinks and snacks. The island provides another excellent location for snorkeling due to the clear waters, as it is home to stunning coral reefs.

The long-tail boat can take you to the island. A few hours is usually enough time to spend here because it is a small island with nothing else to see besides its extraordinary natural beauty.

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is a 150m-long stretch of beach that is 700m from Tonsai Bay and is surrounded by a substantial limestone cliff. Silky soft white sand and gently lapping emerald waters can be found there. Its name comes from the abundant vegetation that makes it a preferred habitat for monkeys.

Monkey Beach is not the same place as Monkey Bay, which is on the other side of Phi Phi Don. Although you can kayak there, a long-tail boat is the best way to get there.

Like any wild animal, it’s best to avoid getting too close. You don’t want a rabies panic, but tourists feeding them have known them to bite or scratch.

Diving and snorkeling

The Phi Phi Islands have a lot of locations where you can go snorkeling. It’s a stunning location for snorkeling, with tropical fish and coral reefs of vibrant colors.

There is an enormous variety of marine life to see. Be sure to travel with a guide, as some places have challenging currents to negotiate.

Additionally, very well-liked in and around the Phi Phi Islands is diving. Once more, consult a tour operator to learn where the best diving locations are. Many dive sites are excellent for beginning divers if you’re a beginner.

Further out, more experienced divers will find more profound, complex dive sites. Bida Nok/Bida Nai, Malong May, Kled Gaeow Wreck, Hin Dot, and Hin Daeng/Muang are a few of the top dive locations.

Rock Climbing

Thailand’s Ko Phi Phi island is a popular location for rock climbing because of its enormous limestone cliffs. It has well-known rock climbing areas with exciting climbing walls and qualified guides. Not to mention the breathtaking vistas all around you.

The following are some of the Phi Phi Islands’ most famous rock climbing walls:

  • Ao Ling Wall
  • Ao Play Wall
  • Drinking Wall
  • Hin Tak
  • Hua Ling Wall
  • Maya Bay (has two walls)
  • Tonsai Tower


A fun way to see the natural beauty of the islands. By renting a kayak, you can explore remote caverns and stunning bays inaccessible by foot. You can take a self-guided tour to experience the utmost flexibility and an unforgettable adventure.

Try a paddle boat or water-skiing tour for an added thrill; they provide a small dose of adrenaline at a reasonable cost.

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